The living wage is a topic which has been heating up boundlessly of late. As the price of living continues to soar throughout the UK, none more vertiginously than in our fair capital, campaigners for the living wage scheme are edging closer to achieving the noble goal of raising living standards for poorer families in the UK, of which you can read more here. The movement is particularly powerful because it shames those who refuse it  (rather than bullishly threatening them with industrial action) to garner its results of getting employers on board, and raising the minimum wage in the UK from £6.19 to £7.45, and £8.55 in London.

The campaign has gone from strength to strength. Both Miliband brothers have put Labour as leaders of the cause, Boris Johnson has kept Ken Livingstone’s commitment to it for the GLA, and major leviathans in the corporate sector have signed up to the scheme; including HSBC and KPMG. So far, over 45,000 people have benefitted, and once the scheme came to our attention here at Spectrecom, we were quick to implement some changes of our own.

Though we have always prided ourselves on offering our colleagues wages which are above the national minimum, when our Managing Director, Andrew Greener, found out about the living wage scheme he immediately raised the wages of two employees to ensure that our studio was in complete compliance with the scheme. Done for the right reasons, this scheme can have a profoundly positive impact, and we are glad to say that adopting the scheme has benefitted the company as well as her employees.


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Hayley Canning

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