London is a city scarcely short of film production companies. But there’s not many which have the same range of capabilities as Spectrecom Films. For example, did you know our studios are the perfect venue for delivering live streaming?

You didn’t? Well, please allow us to fill you in then.

Situated in Kennington, Spectrecom Studios has two stages of different sizes, both serviced by an ultra-high-speed internet connection.

This allows us to deliver a high quality, highly reliable live streaming service – and indeed, we’ve done so on numerous prior occasions, including on behalf of two rather notable clients.

In May 2014, we live streamed an eight-hour ‘singathon’ by Kenco, designed to promote its latest coffee flavour. The shoot was also crewed, produced and directed by members of our in-house video production team.

The event generated over 1,000 song requests on social media, and delivered more than one million Twitter impressions and over 500,000 Facebook impressions. You can see some of the highlights from the day in the video at the top of this blogpost.

Roughly a year earlier, we hosted a live stream on behalf of Skittles; a 48-hour epic which saw the confectionary giant’s fans pledging the 100,000 Skittles required to fill an upside-down rainbow installed in our studios.

The live stream attracted 13,888 hours of total viewing, and enticed more than 110,000 visitors to the event’s Facebook-housed microsite, resulting in 24,000 organic ‘likes’ and more than 17,000 new Facebook fans.

The feedback from Skittles was that it was “one of our most successful online campaigns to date”, and the project secured Silver in the Best Brand Event category at the 2014 IVCA Awards.

Check out our Skittles highlights reel below, and if you want to know more about our live streaming capabilities then pay a visit to our live streaming page.

Spectrecom Films is a video production company that works closely with leading brands, agencies, charities and universities.

If you’ve got a video project you’re keen to speak to us about, get in touch with our Accounts Director Christiaan Harden on 0203 405 2274 or email

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