In terms of famous cityscapes, London is about as distinctive as it gets – be it the ‘60s futurism of BT Tower, the Gothic awe of Westminster Abbey, or the Millennium Wheel’s epic scale. Spectrecom has recently been working on a project that harnesses the power and reach of the capital’s landscape, to create a unique network of outdoor advertising spaces.

This project has two backers, TfL and Wildstone, and it was they who enlisted the video production prowess of Spectrecom in its service.

To give some background, TfL is engaged in a long-term process to increase its non-fare-based revenues. As part of this process, it joined forces with Wildstone, in order to install, market, sell and manage a portfolio of digital underpass advertising sites right across London.

Wildstone was an entirely logical choice of partner; a specialist in outdoor media, it works on behalf of landlords and investors to maximise the income from their advertising spaces.

Working together over a two-year period, TfL and Wildstone identified an underpass estate of 13 digital sites and 24 screens throughout the Transport for London network. Together, these sites offer a reach of 20 million road-users every single week.

Wildstone determined that video should play a key role in marketing the potential of this ‘London Landscape’ to media buyers. And, having successfully collaborated on a previous project, Spectrecom was the video production company it chose to work with.

The challenge for the Spectrecom team was twofold.

On the one hand, there were no opportunities to film at the ‘London Landscape’ sites, meaning an alternative way of depicting them needed to be found. On the other, the video also needed to combine all 13 structures, demonstrating the unique reach of the network.

Animation was identified as the best route for overcoming these potential issues. A plexus-style design was used to connect the multiple locations, while at the same time furnishing the viewer with all the crucial bits of information.

The plexus animation in turn informed the branding, which was created by our in-house designer; taking its cue from the intricate folds of origami, the logo gives the ‘London Landscape’ its own distinctive identity.

Credit to the Spectrecom team who worked on the project – particularly Rob Jowers (producer), Dani Wilmot (creative) and Juste Halavin (designer).

Spectrecom is a regular video production partner for agencies and brands alike.  If you’ve got a video project you’d like to speak to us about, get in touch with our Client Services Director Christiaan Harden on 0203 405 2274 or email

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Danielle Wilmot

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