Cardiff University has a blueprint to put innovation right at the heart of everything it does. To showcase its ambitions to a diverse target audience, the university decided a new suite of online video content was required – resulting in a first-ever collaboration with Spectrecom Films.

We had been in touch with Cardiff University for around a year before the emergence of the brief for these innovation videos.

It was an opportunity we pursued enthusiastically – partly out of our desire to work with Cardiff, partly from our enthusiasm for the innovation agenda itself and the strong filming possibilities it offered.

The university wanted three videos in all. These needed to have a galvanising impact for students, academics, corporate partners and the public.

We suggested a tailored approach for each of the videos while still remaining within the budget guidelines, and we were delighted to be chosen as the video production company that Cardiff wanted to work with.

We will bring you a look at the full roster of videos on this blog over the next few days. However we’re going to begin with the video aimed at potential corporate partners, giving a snapshot of the full programme of innovation at Cardiff.

Absolutely pivotal to that programme is the Cardiff Innovation Campus, a £300 million redevelopment that will create a powerful new roster of research facilities, including SPARK, the world’s first social science research park.

The CIC is still under construction. But our film crew took the opportunity to shoot in some of the university’s newer spaces, such as the Haydn Ellis Building.

Acting as guide for the audience, we cast Professor Kevin Morgan, Dean of Engagement, as the video’s central voice.

Kevin’s authority, knowledge and enthusiasm allowed him to make a passionate pitch for innovation at Cardiff – taking in such important subjects as brain imaging, cancer, social science and cutting edge semiconductor technology.

In order to give the video a lively visual appeal, we shot across the campus, capturing scenes of students engaging with the facilities. By shooting these scenes using our Ronin camera stabiliser, they are given an additional energy.

We also filmed several showpiece city spaces, such as the Bay and Millennium Centre. Integrated onscreen text was used to communicate some supporting facts about Cardiff’s achievements and future ambitions.

Well done to director Matt Farman, producer Laura Merrett and the rest of the team involved in the project. And look out for the other two videos on this blog in the coming days.

Spectrecom Films is one of the UK’s leading video production companies for higher education film and video content

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