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In 2017 our revenues grew at an unprecedented rate which was great for our business but not so much for the way we actually work. With the extra staff needed, especially with a 24 episode TV series in full swing, we literally ran out of space. Very fortunately for us, the stars aligned and a building became available just outside our studio gates.

The Grade II listed neo-classical Old Town Hall was originally built as The Vestry Hall in 1852 with the purpose of administering the Parish (and later Metropolitan Borough) of Lambeth. It officially became known as the Town Hall for Lambeth in 1900, but really the building was too small for the rapidly growing borough, and the last meeting was held here in1908. The Council leased the building to the Church of England Children’s Society for their new headquarters. Also known as the Waifs & Strays Society, the charity arranged pastoral care and fostering for poor and destitute children. The Children’s Society kept its headquarters here until 1986 when another charity, the Countryside Alliance, moved in.


And now, after an extensive structural and decorative refurbishment, this imposing building has become our own new headquarters. All of our departments have moved across with the exception of the studio team, but that means that we can offer our studio clients far, far more space to accommodate a live stream gallery, production offices, rehearsal spaces, stills shoots and catering. In the Town Hall, perhaps the biggest improvement for our clients is the impressive post-production space which takes up an entire floor and offers all of the wow-factor of a Soho post-house, without the associated costs! We also have more meeting rooms and break out spaces, essential for creative development and project management.


But whatever we get up to in the years ahead, as with any old building we have to remember that we are merely the next caretakers. From the founders of the Vestry Hall onwards, we follow in the footsteps an illustrious group of organisations who each sought to make changes for the better. At the risk of sounding a little too sanctimonious, we nevertheless hope that in our own activities here we will be worthy successors to those who came before us.”

About the author

Andrew Greener

Andrew Greener

Managing Director

Andrew is Spectrecom Films’ managing director. He has 15 years’ experience as a writer and director of drama (awards include TCM Classic Shorts prize), documentaries and branded content (IVCA Gold Awards)



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