We were recently called upon to lend our video production prowess to The Last Stand, the newest addition to the world-conquering Plants vs. Zombies gaming family.

Having established itself as one of the most popular apps around, Plants vs. Zombies and its attendant madcap universe are reimagined in arcade redemption cabinet form for The Last Stand.

Using a special pea shooter cannon, players have to zap zombies in order to earn tickets and unlock rewards. Released by Sega Amusements, the arcade is fun and frenetic – and was in need of an online video to promote its release, which is where Spectrecom Films joins the story.

Our aim was to create an atmospheric film which captured the anticipation and excitement around the Last Stand game itself, while still showing off the gameplay as extensively as possible.

The key to realising this objective was the playful 3D animated vine which appears throughout the video, linking the intriguing intro sequence with the main game section, and creating a consistent narrative throughout.

Check out the finished film below, and if you’re looking for the Spectrecom team members to congratulate for its creation, then Ben Kent, Rob Jowers, James Adair, Keiran Hodges, James Sieradzki and Rose Darkins are the ones whose backs you should be slapping.

Spectrecom Films is a regular video production partner for a host of top agencies, working on projects for clients such as Kenco, BMW, The Times, Skittles and Guinness. Check out our agencies page to find out more, and also to watch our Agency Sizzle Reel.

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