It was a recent source of pride for Spectrecom Films to be asked to team up with Shelter, the leading housing and homelessness charity, in order to create two new films, covering renters’ rights and home repairs.

Let’s take a look at the video made on the topic of home repairs first, in which we glide with the camera round a family home, uncovering a host of important information along the way.

Here’s the video, and if you’re wondering whose domestic abode was invaded by our cameras, the house belongs to Spectrecom’s very own Robert Howells, who just happens to be writer-director of the video, as well as owner of those dulcet tones you can hear on the voiceover.

The second video provides advice on the rights of private renters and what they are entitled to expect from their landlord. It uses a split-screen device to give more of a personal connection to what might usually be a telephone conversation. Take a look.

Spectrecom Films regularly works with some of the biggest charities in the UK, including Macmillan Cancer Support, the RSPCA, Marie Curie Cancer Care, and the National Trust. Check out our Charity Marketing page to find out more about why these charities choose to work with us.

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