Last Friday night, and visitors to Spectrecom Films were treated to a trip back in time, as for one night only, our largest studio here in Waterloo, Studio 1, was transformed into a hip-swivelling 1960s nightspot to rival such legendary venues of the era as the Ad Lib or the Marquee club.

A sizeable contingent of invited guests and Spectrecom staff alike were on-hand to enjoy the party atmosphere and retro tunes spun by our in-house DJ, Jonathan Heath. And, as the above picture of our very own Matt Farman, Dan Miles, Kieran Hodges and James Adair demonstrates, plenty of folks dressed up for the occasion.

For the hardiest partiers, the revelry lasted beyond the night and into the wee small hours. And it’s in honour of those fun-lovin’ warriors that the below video is included: The Night Before, by Lee Hazlewood.

Okay, so the song’s about a hungover Sunday rather than Saturday, and it came out in 1970, not the ‘60s, but hey! Why split hairs over such trifling matters?

If you’d like to see what our four-studio setup can be used for aside from spiffing soirees, then take a look at our Film & TV Studios page.

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