Fit Cities? Whassat? Why, it’s only an international conference that took place last month in London.

The event was all about bringing together professional people with the know-how and the can-do to help communities worldwide live healthier lives, and it opened with a brand new film created by Spectrecom.

Blame it on the automobile. Blame it on the easy availability of horseflesh-flavoured lasagnes. Blame it on the sheer excellence of British telly programming, keeping up all so effectively glued to the goggle-box night after night after night. But whatever the precise reasons, we’re all getting fatter. And as we get fatter, we’re getting sicker too.

That’s the problem the architects, planners, designers, medical professionals and others attending the Fit Cities – Fit World conference were getting together to discuss, with particular emphasis on the design-led solutions that’ll encourage us all to get more exercise.

The conference kicked off with a film created specifically for the event by Spectrecom, featuring contributions from a whole range of voices – from high-ups like Olympic legacy guru Neale Coleman, to the ordinary folk who make use of London’s green spaces – and intense subjective sequences which convey the rush of big city living.

Feedback for the film has been great so far, with Gus Wilson of the Greater London Authority saying it “really enhanced the Fit Cities conference,” and the Centre for Active Design in New York calling it “really compelling.” The latter has also forwarded the film to the Fit Cities team in Brazil who are organising next year’s conference.

A big ol’ Spectre-squadron worked on this baby, led by director/camera operators Matt Farman and Richard Butterworth, and producer Rob Jowers. Also helping out on the shoots were Kieron Hodges (lighting and camera assistant) and Alex Kerr (sound, lighting and onscreen burger-chomping), while Rose Darkins acted as production coordinator/researcher and Ben Kent was project manager.

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