The Ford Mustang has been an American icon for more than 50 years now. In that time, nine million have been sold, and it’s been driven by Steve McQueen and James Bond. 2015 marks the first time the Mustang will officially be offered in Europe, and Spectrecom’s cameras recently got up close and personal with this legend of the open road.

With the Mustang going on sale to European road-users for the first time this year, Ford wanted a suite of high-end video content that would give an eager audience including car enthusiasts and automotive journalists a preview of the car.

Working with events agency Mansfields Design, Spectrecom was chosen as the video production company to deliver this content.

Shooting over several days, we filmed two Mustangs – a fastback and a convertible. You can take a look at the full playlist of videos we produced here.

The audience already attracted by the videos reflects the excitement on these shores about the Mustang’s arrival; Ford has taken more than 1,200 deposits to-date.

As well as filming with the Mustang, we’ve also worked with Ford and Mansfields Design to create similarly in-depth, similarly beautifully shot video content showcasing the latest S-Max car.

The S-Max has been a popular seller for Ford since its introduction in 2006, with over 400,000 sold across Europe. Spectrecom filmed the latest model, with a roster of experts giving the audience an in-depth look at what it has to offer.

As with the Mustang videos, the S-Max content showcases the sheer number of innovative features designed and implemented by Ford, including a large number of new car patents.

Credit to the team from Spectrecom Films who worked on these videos: Andrew Greener (director), Rob Jowers (producer), Alex Kerr (camera operator), Ionut Apetroae (gaffer), Kieran Hodges (rigger/on-set spark), Andrea Prieto (production assistant), Blake Dixon (editor/colourist) and Etem Ozyay (editor).

Spectrecom Films is a frequent video production partner for big-name brands and leading creative agencies.

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