Ben Franklin is not only the creative metronome at the heart of the Spectrecom video marketing machine, he is also master of his own, very successful horror film production company, Bloody Cuts.

The latest episode of Bloody Cuts is Don’t Move, directed by Anthony Melton and written by David Scullion, and it has just been released online to huge acclaim and terrific audience response. Having debuted a fortnight ago, it’s already been watched nearly 50,000 times across Vimeo and YouTube.

Apart from Ben, quite a few Spectrecommers were involved in Don’t Move, they being Jonny Franklin, Ben Kent, Peter Ford, Rob Jowers, Tiago Higgs and Ionet Apetroae. Check out the film below, but be warned: it IS awesomely gory. Awesomely.

Having begun in June 2011 with Lock Up, the Bloody Cuts series is scheduled to run to 13 instalments, with Don’t Move the eighth in the cycle. And if you want to know more about BC and Don’t Move then a great place to start is with Ben, Jonny and Anthony’s appearance this week on the ever-popular Film Riot. Enjoy.

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