Back in November, we told you about a special film that Spectrecom director Steve Milton had made in his spare time for the Orphan Trust, to be screened at a special auction in aid of the charity. Well, the results of that auction have just been reported back to Spectrecom, and it seems the film was something of a hit.

Spectrecom is a video production company keen to lend our time, talent and resources in the aid of worthy causes, wherever feasible. And Steve, who is one of the co-founders of Spectrecom, is particularly active on this front – meaning he was only too happy to rise to the challenge when the Orphan Trust required a new film.

The Trust helps orphaned and homeless children in Bangladesh, and it staged an auction late last year in a Brick Lane restaurant to help raise funds. During the evening, the sold-out crowd was shown the film that Steve made, helping to contribute to a pretty stellar overall result for the charity.

Here’s the full story behind both film and auction from the Orphan Trust’s founder, Mina Morris…

‘Our brief was quite tricky: a two-minute visual aid explaining what our charity did and how, to encourage people to donate at our charity auction party.’

‘The brief was executed with perfection. The presentation video perfectly pitched a level of emotion and inspired people to give. The video was very well received and we raised a phenomenal £14,000 on the night.’

‘Steve understood our needs and requirements, listened to our ideas and guided and directed us through the project. His input and direction was subtle but firm so the project always felt like a team effort and the end result was exactly what we wanted.’

‘Thank you Spectrecom and especially Steve.’

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