Summer holidays? Pah! Spectrecom stops for no season, as we bring our video production skills to bear on raft after raft of new projects. Last year, inevitably, it was all about the Olympics. This year, one major assignment keeping the team busy was a suite of new bite-size videos for Keele University.

Reel back to late spring, and Keele University called on Spectrecom as the video production company to produce its online video content. Our ever-enterprising team of filmmakers duly set to work, spending several weeks shooting up at Keele’s verdant, expansive campus.

The brief was to get all the important information across while capturing the unique atmosphere that makes the University such a hit with its students, and this is exactly what our team have delivered – via stylish shooting, ruthless editing, strong soundtracks, engaged contributors, and specialist techniques like the slo-mo seen in the Sports at Keele video.

The complete roster of videos has been placed on a special video wall section of the Keele website, but here are just three of them for you to take a look at…

First, Keele – The People

Keele Campus – Scale and Beauty

And lastly, the aforementioned Sports at Keele

Never let it be said that we treat our crew members like hobos for hire and deny them credit where credit is warranted. To wit, these human beings all contributed to the Keele films: Peter Ford, Matt Farman, Florence Hill, Alex Kerr, Kieran Hodges and Matt O’Brien.

Take a look at some more of Spectrecom’s student recruitment video campaigns.

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