As even some of you landlubbers will be aware, British Marine is the membership organisation for the leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry in the UK.

It has just dropped anchor in Spectrecom’s creative waters, in order to collaborate on a shipshape new video campaign that will put winds of excitement in the sails of talented young people – many of whom may not previously have considered a career in the marine industry…

Okay, so enough of the terrible puns.

Spectrecom Films has a good track record when it comes to boat-based productions, having worked with Saga Cruises, Cunard and Viking River Cruises.

The marine industry is broader than many might imagine.

It encompasses a wide variety of skills, including electrical engineering, design, surveying, sales and teaching, and boasts such varied job titles as Watersports Instructor, Yacht Broker and Marine Engineer.

Unsurprisingly, our concepts involve a lot of filming on and around boats. And given the age of the main target audiences (10-15 and 16-21), we’ll be combining working with water and children.

What could possibly go wrong?

With our strong credentials for higher education marketing, we’re really pleased British Marine chose Spectrecom for this youth recruitment marketing campaign, and we’re sure the films we produce are going to make waves… sorry, last one.

UPDATE: The film has since been released, watch here!

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Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight

Account Manager

Oliver specialises in account managing our higher education clients. He has also previously worked in marketing for a university so he’s the go to guy for university marketing insights.



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