As the UK’s leading charity for foster care, The Fostering Network provide a wide range of information and resources for everyone involved in fostering. Happily, they also put on a fantastic pub quiz, which just so happened to be last night. With it being held at our very own local – The Stage Door – how could we possibly refuse?

So then, three of our most altruistic and erudite comrades took a break from our four fair walls of video marketing to trench the front-lines of a highly enjoyable knowledge-skirmish. Those embroiled (or is that imbibed?) were scribbler Paul Martin, founding-father Steve Milton and sales-wizard Mark Thompson.

Marky-Mark had this to say…

“It was great to show support for the charity and better still to see everyone having such a fantastic time doing so”

Thank you to The Fostering Network for a cracking night, and we look forward to more such endeavors in the future. Oh, and here’s some 100% genuine footage of Paul Martin arriving home after the event…

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