Of all the topics and video trends chronicled on this blog in 2014, one of the most commonly recurring has been research impact.

As evinced by this example and also this homegrown offering from Spectrecom, universities have been eager to create videos which showcase some of the exciting research happening inside their walls and the wider impact this research is having.

Durham University is one of the country’s top universities (as well as being a long-term client of Spectrecom Films), meaning it’s hardly a surprising it has a wealth of research projects worth shouting about.

Four of those research projects have formed the basis of a new series of videos produced by Spectrecom – covering such rich and varied topics as natural disasters, the Middle Ages, energy shortages and observing galaxies.

Starring academics Dr Nick Rosser, Dr Giles Gasper, Dr Charlotte Adams and Dr Mark Swinbank, the videos focus on the end-goal each research project is driving towards.

Each topic and academic has their own video, and there’s also a round-up reel collecting the full quartet.

If you’re eager to use video to tell your university’s story, get in touch with Kathy or Oliver, our account managers for universities. Both have years of experience working within HE marketing and communications, and are passionate about producing fantastic content on behalf of our university clients.

Contact Oliver Knight on 0203 405 2271 / oliver@spectrecom.co.uk or Kathy Bird on 0203 096 2866 / kathy@spectrecom.co.uk

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