A social video marketing best practice is to upload video content directly to a social media site instead of re-sharing a YouTube web link. Uploading video content directly to a native social media site will increase both organic reach and viral video views. Marketers understand the key role that social media networks play as a venue for content sharing. Video is one of the most popular content formats distributed to social media sites.

For video content, most marketers will post the video first to the YouTube video sharing site and then create links to share on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This approach enables organisations to gain video SEO benefits from the YouTube/Google search engines. Additionally, since a YouTube web link is easy to create, it simplifies the distribution process. One link can be posted across multiple social media sites.

However, posting video content directly to YouTube instead of uploading to Facebook and LinkedIn may mitigate both organic and viral reach. According to research published by Socialbakers, videos uploaded directly to Facebook have an organic reach of 10.3 percent compared to videos shared via a YouTube web link, which only net an organic reach of 8.9 percent.”

Viral video engagement is even higher when the video has been posted directly to Facebook: 2.2 percent compared to a measly 0.2 percent share of YouTube video links.

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