A newsflash for fantasy buffs; Sky is making the first 20 episodes of Game of Thrones available to Pay-TV subscribers at their convenience, on the same day the newest season airs.

Sky presumably hopes to capitalise on (rather than be emasculated by) the swathes of spoilers which will most definitely spread once the new season airs. As we all know, the chaos of the internet can be put to good use with precise timing.

Based on ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, a best-selling series of books by George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones is a hugely successful television drama which inverts the keystone assumption that fantasy is a realm in which morality is already decided (for those that have had their head in the sands of The Red Wastes for the past two years).

This author predicts that this season will be the best yet; not only will budgets have grown along with Daenerys’ dragons, but the book upon which the new season is based is by far the most enthralling in Martin’s trashy, costive but ultimately fun series. So, Sky Pay-TV subscribers, get up to date – Winter is Coming on 31.03.2013.

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