As a video production company that’s worked with more than 30 UK universities, we’re well-positioned to spot shifting marketing trends in the sector.

One such trend which has rocketed to prominence in the last year or so, at least in terms of the type of video content we’re being asked to produce, is research impact.

Every university has its own roster of brilliant academics, often involved in headline-making research, and the universities themselves seem increasingly determined to get these stories out there, in order to show the value and real-world importance of what goes on behind their doors.

Just in the last year or so, we’ve created research video series for the University of York, Queen Mary University of London, Middlesex University and, most recently, the University of Sussex, covering such diverse topics as fusion power, cybersecurity, organ donation and much, much more.

We’ve just put together a new university research showreel featuring clips from many of those videos. Entitled ‘Show Your Impact’, it highlights the power such stories can carry when put on film. Take a look.

Has your university got fantastic research stories that need telling? Contact our universities Account Managers Kathy Bird and Oliver Knight to find out more about how we can help.

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