With the increase in people relying on on-demand services to watch TV, it’s easy to imagine that TV advertising would soon become defunct. But how wrong that is!

In a deck by ThinkBox, they commissioned an econometric study by Ebiquity that proves that TV is the best profit generator, generating the most profit, pound for pound, compared with other mediums.

They also found that we spend more time with TV than any other media and despite a decade of disruption, standard viewing is resilient, with people spending, on average, around 3 and a half hours a day watching TV.

Thinkbox also tell us that TV has become more effective over the years, with a 40% increase in effectiveness since 2006.

So to dismiss TV advertising would be a mistake!

At Spectrecom we have made TV adverts for a wide range of clients, from charities, brands, corporates and higher education institutions. We even film some of them in our in-house film studios.

Let’s take a look at some of these films!

We produced this TV Advert for Sony and HSE Cake in our studios. It was filmed using their new Sony Xperia ZX slow-motion phone.
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London Metropolitan University required a TV Advert to recruit students. The film narrates through a beautiful poem, penned by the film director himself.
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PriestmanGoode’s client, Qatar Airways, required a visual effects film to promote their new Qsuite design.

Agency, Threepipe, and their client Mookie required a TV Advert to advertise their ‘Pebli Town’ children’s game, featuring Amanda Holden.



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Hayley Canning

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