We’ve talked recently about the brand new YouTube comments system and what it means for the online video database. Unfortunately the move doesn’t seem to have shifted the idiots.

Two great charity video campaigns have been launched online recently, both related to Cancer and smoking. Despite the excellent films, some people have chosen to look past the obvious shock value and take great offence.

Firstly here’s a Cancer Research film:

Here’s a sample comment:

“I hoped to be able to share this with my children and through them with their friends – but as it features children smoking, and actually looking cool doing it, I won’t be.  It is a really important message, but this video is lightweight and in my mind sends the wrong subliminal message.  AS an ex-smoker whenever I see someone smoking it makes me want one, in the same way that seeing cute babies makes me want to have another baby!”

Take a look at this film from Finland:

Sample comment:

“That’s disgusting… this is the saddest and stupidest idea for a commerical.”

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