Spectrecom has worked for every university in the UK. Okay, that’s not true, but we have worked for a lot. Meaning we’re always interested in innovative new university video productions, meaning we’re always interested in any commercial branding with a higher education twist.

An example of the latter has recently arrived online, in the shape of Hi, Hey, Hello – which is billed by backers Samsung as both a modern love story and a musical short film (but definitely not an ad), and was shot on the campus of that august educational institution, UCLA.

The story of the five-minute short sees what looks very much like a cut-price Adrian Grenier amorously pursuing what looks very much like a cut-price Scarlett Johansson across the college campus, with him making use of all the attributes of his Samsung Galaxy S4 in order to do so.

And yes, it’s all a bit cheesier than we tend to enjoy on these rain ‘n’ cynicism-touched shores, and yes, both of the shiny aspirationals perhaps ultimately appear a little bit more infatuated with their phones than they do with each other. And yes, it features scenes of people wearing sunglasses indoors at night and thinking they’re cool for doing so.

On the other hand, it’s all been put together pretty much impeccably (the director is Joseph Kahn, the man behind feature films Torque and Detention, as well as countless music and commercial clips). And we’re always happy to see brands creating video content which leans more towards entertainment than naked sales tool.

Take a look for yourself below. Oh, and for interested in such things, the music is by Portland-based hip-hop duo the Chicarones (it says here…).

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