Guinness DRINKiQ and Men’s Health have just released a new piece of video marketing, designed to promote the former’s alcohol awareness initiatives.

As shot by Spectrecom, the video follows a group of rugby-loving Men’s Health readers who were invited to the Saracens training ground and put through their
paces in unusual fashion.

Asked to don heated vests, and play with a weighted ball whilst also wearing special vision-impairing ‘beer goggles’, the readers learned the hard way how playing rugby under the influence can have a detrimental effect on on-field performance and lead to you letting your mates down.

You can watch the video below, and read more about it and DRINKiQ on the Men’s Health website.

Spectrecom has shot a wide variety of sporting videos, for Guinness, BMW, The Times, and many, many more.

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