There are parallels to be made between the weather we’ve seen in recent weeks and the financial market we’re looking at in 2016 and there are three words that describe the connection.

Turbulent, unpredictable and damaging.

With floods wiping out a good chunk of the North, China plummeting global stock markets and Osborne talking about a ‘cocktail of threats’, it’s hard to have a sunny disposition at the beginning of 2016.

For those in the finance sector, this spells trouble.

Insurers are shaking in their wellies at the prospect of paying out between £1-1.5bn in claims following last year’s floods. Investment managers are running for cover as losses pile up across their most valuable assets. UK Banks are struggling to keep their heads above water, holding the single largest exposure to Chinese debt of any major Western economy.

In stormy weather, what’s most valuable to those caught up in it (usually the customer or individual) is good communication.

Acting fast and getting the right message out is critical to retaining the respect of the public – just look at what’s happened with Philip Dilley of the Environment Agency, after his little communication faux pas.

Being ahead of the curve on risk will almost certainly put you in the good books of your clients, and the converse is true as well – Dido Harding had a hard time of explaining why TalkTalk wasn’t more prepared for their hack way ahead of the incident.

When events are quickly changing, you need to communicate quickly and effectively with the right tools at your disposal – the best people, relevant knowledge, and the ability to access these when they’re needed most.

Video is the most effective way of getting important messages out and can efficiently communicate the most critical information to your clients.

With a dedicated financial services account manager, 20+ in-house filmmakers, an award-winning creative team, our own studios in London and an ever-evolving directors roster Spectrecom Films can help you plan your video content strategy to help weather the storms of 2016.

Over the coming weeks we’ll expand on this theme, showing exactly how we work with our financial services clients to get the best out of their client communications. For now, take a read of this week’s other articles on our predictions for 2016, a look back at 2015, the threat of robo-advice, how to write a good creative brief and a shining testimonial from London Met University.

About the author

Christiaan Harden

Christiaan Harden

Client Services Director

Christiaan is our client services director, who has been in the industry for over 10 years, starting out as a filmmaker. He’s been at Spectrecom since day one so his company and business knowledge is unmatched.



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