Recently we’ve been telling you about the new video marketing campaign we’ve created for Queen Mary University of London, shining a light on some of the exciting research projects within its corridors.

The campaign is spread across six videos, each one offering a readily accessible take on a different research topic. Two films have already been released – covering metamaterials and a device which can convert vibrations into energy – and three more have just been posted on the QMUL YouTube channel.

First up is ‘Hard Graft’, all about the synthetic bone graft substitute created by Dr Karin Hing and her team.

Second is ‘Music in the Heart’, focusing on the digital stethoscope developed by Professor Mark Plumbley and colleagues, which could lead to improved early diagnosis of heart problems.

And thirdly, ‘War on Cybercrime’, covering the work of Professor Dino DiStefano and Professor Pasquale Malacaria in identifying better security responses to the growing threat of online attack.

Spectrecom is a market leader in UK student recruitment filmmaking. We’ve worked with more than 30 universities including Durham, Newcastle, King’s College, Lancaster and Sussex. Take a look at our Student Recruitment page to find out more.

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