Projection mapping is a brilliant way to add a dose of futuristic beauty to any piece of video marketing. This latest clip from Lexus really takes the biscuit though.The concept for this¬† new advert for the new Lexus Hybrid is all about making your own road. A host of Lexus Facebook enthusiasts as well as Formula One driver Jarno Trulli were drafted in to take part. They won’t be laying an tarmac though, or setting up a massively complex Scalectrix circuit. This track was to be designed by the fans in the car, whilst Trulli raced around it.

This experimental video game is superb way to show off the car with the complex lighting and technological effects creating an amazing spectacle from within the test area.

Could this be the future of motor racing? Perhaps street racing maybe with the video conjuring up memories of the Nike ad utilizing a projection mapped night pitch.

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