Prankvertising – the marketing strategy of playing ultra-elaborate practical jokes on unsuspecting members of the public and filming the resulting hi-jinks has been a heavily mined resource over the last 12 months or so.

We’ve seen the trend spawn mondo-sized video hits for the likes of LG and Heineken. And the viral in aid of the Carrie remake was probably seen by a bigger audience than the film it was promoting.

But with the possible exception of lumping the ball up to a big lad, all winning tactics must eventually be deemed to have had their day. And so we wonder whether prankvertising is in peril of becoming its own cliché.

To help you make up your own mind, here’re are two recent exhibits to consider…

First, this video for detergents firm Henkel, in which several visitors to a ladies’ lavatory are transported to a tropical setting, where they’re serenaded by a squadron of hunks singing a number called ‘Flush to Paradise’.

Then there’s this ad shot for Coca-Cola in a Copenhagen cinema, which sees the audience integrated into a movie pre-roll in order to convey a message about not gulping their sodas so loudly.

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