Cats basically run the Internet. Have you not noticed this? From exhaustive Buzzfeed lists to video after video on YouTube, Image Macros all over your Facebook feed and felines clogging up your Instagram. They’re EVERYWHERE. The Internet’s love for cats and cat related humour has even begun to penetrate the regular advertising market with Cravendale most recently getting big laughs from their ‘cats with thumbs’ series. They should be commended just for getting the line “Not on our watch pussies” on terrestrial TV, it was probably the source of many an angry letter to the Daily Mail. Anyone remember Crusha though? The dancing 2D cats, they were breaking ground for LOLcats on TV before I Haz Cheezburger even existed.

Well the one thing to notice from the cat based humour is it never seems to be included by the pet food brands who always go for the tried and tested ‘cat lady’ style advert with horrible closeups of the awful food coupled with some weird owner pet interaction whilst they prance around their impossibly amazing apartment. Cat ladies don’t live in Penthouses.

As if to break this cycle though Temptations Cat Treats have come up with a gloriously surreal ad for their brand involving a pair of bonkers Cat Hoteliers and their dream to bring Cat Aerobics to the world.

So they’re late on the trend but who cares. Pet adverts should be more like this. No-one wants to watch dogs breaking into an imaginary bank vault or listen to someone mawkishly explaining how ‘they know their cat’. Seen any good #radvertising lately? Hit us up on Twitter @spectrecom

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