Back in mid-July, we told you about a recent video we produced that we’re very proud of – ‘The Perfect Cut’, featuring golfer Ian Poulter, made for Stella Artois.

Created in conjunction with marketing agency Threepipe, the video sees Ian trying out a trick shot with a difference as he attempts to slice the top off a chalice of Stella Artois, thus sealing in the flavour.

However, on this occasion, we got Ian to attempt the slice using a golf club. Take a look at the video to see how it played out…

Having been online for a few weeks now, it’s already attracted a hefty YouTube audience, with more than 660,000 people checking it out.

Doubtless many of those were directed it to it by the man himself, with Ian tweeting about the video to his 1.7 million followers.

Poulter Perfect Cut

Spectrecom Films is a regular video production partner for a host of top agencies, working on projects for clients such as Kenco, The Times, Skittles and Guinness. Check out our agencies page to find out more, and also to watch our agency sizzle reel.

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