Paul Abbott, whose most recent of brainchildren ‘Shameless’ is now a clandestine classic

amongst Channel 4’s distinctly unchallenging repertoire, is now poised in the saddle of his new jet black comedy “No Offence”, produced by the writer’s own production company and set in a crumbling Victorian cop shop at the epicentre of a poor, Manchester borough. Taking the reins for him, Channel 4 issued Abbott’s words…

“I’m a big fan of well-told cop shows and jet-black social comedy, and I wanted to see how explosively we could bang two genres’ heads together,” said Abbott. “No Offence is reared on wilder-than-average seeds and I’ve had a ball with the AbbottVision team in building this concept.”

I’m glad he had fun but Shameless eventually turned to caricature, and was brought off of the boil with a simmering sense of disappointment. That said, his previous TV credits include Cracker, so he does have the credentials to pull it off. Let us be hopeful.

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