Innovation in student recruitment marketing is one sure-fire way to ignite the fires of enthusiasm within the corridors here at Spectrecom. Why, in just the last few months, we’ve delivered our first personalised film and a sci-fi-themed university video, and we have other original concepts in production, ready to be unleashed very soon.

We’re always happy to give credit where credit’s due when it comes to innovative university marketing, so it’s with no pain whatsoever we admit that Ozu University in Turkey has cooked up an absolute doozy of an interactive marketing campaign.

A brand new institution, OzU and its marketers faced the problem of not being able to call on a heritage and history to promote itself. So instead of looking to the past, OzU faced the future – via an app which showed users how their Facebook future might look if they attended.

Allowing users to choose their courses, and featuring comments, picture and video content, the app went all the way up to five years post-graduation. Here’s how it all came together.

Take a look at some of Spectrecom’s student recruitment videos here.

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