Alexander Khan has a remarkable life story to recount, and recount it he does in his brand new book, Orphan of Islam. Published by HarperCollins, the book is available to buy now, and it’s being supported online by a trailer created by Spectrecom co-founder Steve Milton.

In Orphan of Islam, readers find out how its author was born to mixed race parents in 1970s Britain before being shipped off to Pakistan by relatives of his father and enrolled at a fundamentalist school. Still only a boy, he subsequently escaped and, when he turned 20, joined the British army, serving with the elite airborne forces for seven years.

Fascinating as all that sounds, the above synopsis only skims the surface of Alexander’s story. However, you’re going to have to read the book to find out more.

But before you do, wrap your eyeballs around the Orphan of Islam trailer put together by our very own Steve Milton.Starring his son Josh, and also featuring a cameo from his wife, Fatema, the trailer was created by Steve in his own time, filming with a Canon 7D camera and shooting in his hometown of Bristol.

HarperCollins has just given the trailer the thumbs up too, with it being used to promote the book on Amazon from tomorrow.

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