Hardly a secret that online video is taking over the world with all the merciless efficiency of a Martian death-ray. And its chief route to domination? YouTube – as evinced by top film festivals such as Sundance screening web-hosted shorts as part of their programmes, with there even being major awards up for grabs too.

In the course of the last five years, YouTube has revolutionised video marketing, allowing every company easy route to an online video offering, with creativity and ingenuity the only real limits to success. But it has also had a huge impact on the general viewing habits of us all as well.

The best YouTube short films can reach a massive audience, meaning that it’s only logical the platform is represented at forward-thinking film festivals such as Sundance, which has just wrapped up its 2013 edition in the snowy resort of Park City, Utah.

And amidst all the baubles dished out for the best drama and documentary films, for the most sterling efforts in screenwriting and direction, there was also an audience award for the best YouTube short film.

12 mini-epics were pitted against one another on the Sundance YouTube channel, but only one gladiator could emerge victorious from the frenzied fray – and that was Jason Willis’ Catnip: Egress to Oblivion, which combines that perennial online fave, the moggy, with a spoof psychedelic science framework.

But in truth all dozen films were winners, with the publicity-by-association of Sundance having helped every single one to pick up more than 100,000 views in just a week.

Partnerships such as this are video marketing gold for all concerned, with the kudos of a world-renowned cinema festival such as Sundance giving immediate credibility to any online short film presented under its umbrella label.

Meanwhile, by teaming up with such a genuinely populist, user-connected platform as YouTube, the sponsor festival comes over more relevant and switched-on, and less elitist and naval-gazing.

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