Instagram follows Twitter by cracking down on ‘Fake Engagement


Instagram is one of the most creative and visual social platforms you can use. For companies or individuals, Instagram acts as a platform to boldly showcase exactly who they are and what they do.

However, like most social platforms, there is the possibility of being followed by fake accounts. As Instagram has over a billion users, the amount of potential fake accounts grows every day. These fake accounts can either randomly like, follow, and comment on peoples’ pictures or they can be done as a paid for service. Though it is not as common for these ‘fake bot’ accounts to be paid for as they were a few years ago, it’s still a problem that Instagram is trying to fix.

Instagram has developed tools to help it identify which accounts use third-party apps/services to boost their contents and social presence. Any accounts that Instagram feel are violating the platform’s rules, will be warned and asked to change their password.

YouTube has introduced a selection of free movie streams to try and retain viewers. Currently, YouTube has a lot of competition when it comes to online platforms; like Netflix and Twitch.

Nexflix has gained a huge amount of users over the years, which is making YouTube seem like a secondary platform due to the abundance of content on Netflix. This is also due to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat having a lot of users post and talk about Netflix – boosting its popularity.

Twitch is a live-streaming platform that a lot of gamers use to allow followers to view their gameplay and to also engage with them through live comments. Anyone can stream and watch on twitch and, because of this, there is limitless live content to watch.

YouTube has released these streaming free ad-supported movies to their platform to try and regain their traffic and audience, attempting to get ahead of the competition.

Joseph Pereira

Digital Marketing Executive

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