Rumours Of Integration Between Facebook & WhatsApp

A new mobile feature for the Facebook app has been in the works, allowing Facebook content to be shared through the WhatsApp platform. The integration of this feature is simple, there will be a third option onto the share menu ‘Send in WhatsApp’.

This is going to be very popular and a routinely used feature. It promotes the use of sharing content, especially content users interact with. Many people who use WhatsApp are involved in group chats as well as individual chats, and by having this integration feature it will allow people to share content quicker and easier through the platform.

#SpectrecomTalks 2

On the 18th May, we hosted #SpectrecomTalks second edition at our film studio facilities. Our very own Senior Creative, Toby Syer, Director of Film & TV, Ged Cleugh, were joined by UNILAD’s Content Strategist, Adam Middleton. They talked about repurposing content and various cost-efficient techniques and methods marketers can use to effectively achieve ROI.

It was very successful and we had a great turnout! We’ve also got all of our speakers’ presentations up on our website in case you were unable to attend.

Instagram’s New Story Sharing Feature

Instagram has released a new feature allowing users to share each other’s feed posts on their stories. This feature allows accounts to publish content from other users directly into their story, which is a great opportunity to expose content, especially for influencers. It is another way of getting content organically reposted and reaching more people.

This feature is only available to public accounts and can be turned off at any time. So far this feature is only accessible on Android at the moment however it will soon be available on IOS too.

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