UNILAD joins Spectrecom Films on a panel about repurposing content for the web, social and TV

It’s back — the second edition of #SpectrecomTalks is Friday 18th May. After we talked about video marketing trends for 2018 early this year, we are bringing the team from UNILAD to talk about ‘The Purpose Of Repurposing: Making Your Content Work On Web, Social and TV’. Have you got your ticket yet? If not then grab yours before its too late!

Instagram recently added an emoji scale feature to its Stories

With Instagram’s release of Stories in 2016, the feature has become extremely popular. Since then, the photo-sharing app has implemented several updates into the feature, such as tagging, geo-location cameras lenses, effects, polls and Giphy’s clipboards.

The most recent update is the emoji slider which allows the user to create a question for their audience to answer through a positive or negative reaction on the sliding emoji bar. The user can see each individual responses and, similar to all other stories, it will disappear from within 24 hours unless it is saved to highlights. You’ll see this new feature blow-up of your stories in the next few weeks!

Snapchat went back to its old layout

Last year, Snapchat made a big change in an update to the whole layout and structure of the platform. As you may have seen in our previous posts and on social media this caused an uproar with users and wasn’t taken well.

At first, Snapchat tried to convince users by asking them some time to adjust to the updates, but that didn’t seem to last. It seems they have listened to the complaints and changed the layout by putting some elements of the platform back into the old format. Instead of stories being crammed into the first page and disrupting the flow, it is now placed back onto the third page with the rest of the stories. Now it is split up into friends, subscriptions(following) and recommended.

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