Is Snapchat trying to become a mix of Skype and Instagram?

Snapchat has recently introduced a new feature that enables users to video chat in a group with up to 16 users at once. The amount is similar to Skype’s group calls, which allows calls with up to 25 people. It seems Snapchat is trying to go towards the same direction by becoming a hybrid communication and social platform featuring written text, video, voice, images and the social elements of Instagram.

Instagram Introduces Hashtags and Profile Links In Bio

Instagram has included hashtags and tagging into the bio section, which allows people to get more links within the platform. It is simple and easy to use, simply add a “# and/or @” in your bio then you are putting in a live link, clickable to any user that sees it. When you tag someone’s profile in your bio, the user is notified and given the option to allow the link to stay or be removed.

Facebook launches a new verification process for Business Pages

Hoping to slow down the spread of misleading information and fake ads, Facebook released new regulations, which come into effect in the US immediately, that require Pages with a large number of followers to verify the identities and locations of the people managing through a form of government-issued identification. In addition, Facebook will now require anyone buying political ads on the platform to be verified.

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