Snapchat’s New Tagging Features

Snapchat has added in a new feature to allow users to tag people in stories. This can be done as one or by using multiple. Following in Instagram’s footsteps of story tagging, it also gives the viewers the option to add any people that are tagged. This feature can help brands & influencers build their follower numbers, mainly because it currently works for any type of account, including ‘organic’ brand accounts.

Instagram and Snapchat break up with Giphy

Instagram and Snapchat users claim to have found racist GIF stickers on the platform. GIPHY stated that this incident was due to a “bug” that got into the system and that they have now countered this error. Lastly, they apologised for any offence or harm it had towards viewers. Snapchat launched GIPHY integration early this year and it allowed users to add moving images, curated as safe by the GIPHY team, to their photos and videos. Instagram launched similar integration a week later.

People are already giving up on Vero

We briefly mentioned Vero in the last social update, giving an overview of the social platform and how it was trying to become popular by giving users a more authentic and ad-free experience. However, in less than a week, Vero managed to go from being a hit in the eyes of the people to making users wanting to delete their accounts. This is due to the fact that people become aware that Vero is a Russian-developed app launched at the same time when the Russian government is being accused of meddling with foreign politics in the U.S. This was enough to give people a reason to delete their accounts and uninstall the app.

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