YouTube has a new look and, for the first time, a new logo  

The new look is a ribbon that ties these moves together, highlighting the company’s broader shift from a singular website to a family of different apps that stretch across multiple platforms.


Snapchat and Facebook are going to change television forever  

When it comes to enjoying quality entertainment from the comfort of your couch, the internet today offers a much better deal than your standard cable television. We’ve already got tycoons like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, with their arsenal of mind-bending originals and quality binge-watching options. We’ve got Apple, which has declared that it is going to be investing a billion dollars this year in the production of original content. And now, we have got all these social media entities playing cat and mouse to usher in a new era of shared television experience. The only question is, who will emerge triumphantly, and who will bite the dust?


How is YouTube transforming DIY? 

According to a recent poll in the UK, almost 30% of adults turn to the website when tackling DIY projects. Why YouTube? It’s not just because it’s free. It’s because it’s more encouraging than text and manuals.

Why brands and agencies are preparing for the era of 6-seconds ads? 

The buzz around snackable content it seems to be back in full force with industry players predicting that six-second ads will gain real traction in 2018. Seasoned marketers likely won’t be surprised if the ad units prove more viable among younger folks compared to 15- and 30-second ads. Watch these great ad examples of 6 second storytelling:




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