Instagram just got a live split-screen feature that is perfect for reaction videos

The photo app will roll it out as a trial to a “randomly selected” group of influencers. To use the service, simply start a live broadcast and tap the new icon that pops up on the bottom right and tap “Add” to invite anyone who is currently watching.


Friction Free Shaving invents ‘Shoga’ to show how rough it gets in the pursuit of smoothness 

For its first “proper” digital campaign, 18-month-old startup FFS (Friction Free Shaving) wants to spread the word that it understands how frustrating shaving can be for women. From the set build to the creative, we were responsible for producing the entire video marketing campaign.


YouTube tests showing how many people are currently watching the same video 

The video platform appears to be testing a new feature that will display concurrent viewer counts, giving you an insight on how many people are watching the same video at the same time. So far, it seems like the test is only live for select Android users, the count appearing under the title of the video where the overall view count would ordinarily be. It basically looks just like how it does when you watch a live video on mobile apps, but for regular uploads.ding the charge is Snapchat, which so far has the most well-thought-out approach.

Apple has hired two well-regarded TV execs to ramp up its original video plan

Their hiring is the best indicator yet that Apple has real ambitions about making TV and other video content, and that it has plans for that stuff beyond using it to market its Apple Music service. So far, Apple has just been dipping its toe into original video. It has financed one-off projects for the likes of Drake and Taylor Swift, and this month it debuted “Planet of the Apps,” a “Shark Tank”-for-developers show that has received underwhelming reviews.



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