• In The Digital Future, What Do Studios Look Like (If Anything At All)?

What will TV networks look like in a decade? Will traditional movie studios (and movie theaters) have a place?


  • Harvard mapped 60 Countries’ Digital Competitiveness

The Digital Evolution Index analysed the state and rate of digital evolution across 60 countries –  UK’s digital momentum is stronger than its EU peers


  • The 10 most watched ads on Youtube in June.

Audi Driver’s Test with Spider-Man and Youtube’s own ads #ProudToBe and #MoreThanARefugge topped the list. Watch them here


  • 70-year-old grandma is a YouTube hit in South Korea

One of South Korea’s hottest YouTube stars is a 70-year-old grandmother whose cool, undaunted style and hilarity are a breath of fresh air in a social media universe that exalts youth and perfect looks.

  • YouTube is messing around with video thumbnails that move like GIFs

YouTube is now beginning to widely A/B test a video preview feature when you hover over a thumbnail. In February, Youtube said in a statement they were “always experimenting with ways to help people more easily find, watch and share the videos that matter most to them,


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