Here’s our second weekly update with some of the most relevant video marketing news:

UK adults will spend almost 1 hour a day watching digital videos in 2017
While TV will still account for the lion’s share of viewing time, with UK adults watching three hours of TV every day, Brits are poised to spend an average of 53 minutes a day watching clips online in 2017.

You can make your own Geofilters to show off your business or to celebrate a special event
The price of your Geofilter is calculated based on how long it’ll last, how big it is, and how in-demand that location is at the moment. Geofilters can cover an event or an entire block, for an hour or up to ninety days, with prices starting at $5.99.  Currently, this feature is only available in the US, though.

Nearly all teenagers use Youtube and half “can’t live without it”
Defy Media and Adweek asked a group of nearly 1,500 teens ages 13-20 what they think about everything from social media platforms to digital video to the new breed of online celebrity. Take a look at their findings.

Instagram Adds Video Replies to Stories, Increases Pressure on Snapchat
Instagram now offers the ability to reply to stories with photos, videos, filters, Boomerang, rewind and stickers. This will help to increase the conversational engagement of Stories considerable.

Low viewability rates on Facebook video ad campaigns may hurt the company in its push to acquire premium video content
The news on Facebook’s relatively low video ad viewability rates brings into question the value of a video ad and the metrics provided to advertisers. If advertisers begin to cut back ad spending in light of low viewability of video ads, show creators may also begin to question their decisions of creating content for Facebook, in fear of lower ad revenue. Other video platforms, such as YouTube and Amazon, which both look to push original content offerings could benefit from this.

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