As a video production company primarily operating in the online milieu, we know just how far digital video has come in a very short space of time, certainly in terms of the quality available to viewers. And that just got a little better, with an online encoder being awarded THX certification for digital cinema HD video quality.

Developed by the major Hollywood studios, the testing for THX certification utilises 46 data points in six different categories, with a score of 90-plus or more out of 100 required for a quality rating of ‘excellent’.

Well, with a score of 95, ‘excellent’ is the rating just secured by video processing tech firm eyeIO for its H.264 first-generation encoder; a first for an online encoder.

EyeIO’s H.264 compression isn’t just making waves in terms of quality either – it also delivers bandwidth savings of between 20 and 50%, meaning even bandwidth-constrained areas now have opportunity to be put in touch with the marvels of HD video.

However, while eyeIO blazes a trail with its new H.264 encoder, the successor to that codec, the cunningly-named H.265, has just received the seal of approval from the International Telecommunications Union.

Said to double efficiency, H.265 (or HEVC as it’s also referred to) should ease mobile data congestion, and bring 4k streaming and broadcast a step closer to becoming a widely-available reality. And that should herald even more exciting times for viewers of online video – and also video marketing companies like Spectrecom.

Here’s a tribute to the classic THX ‘one note’ signature audio, courtesy of the Simpsons.

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