For the last 8 weeks our sister company, Spectrecom Studios, has had it’s doors closed while it has been renovating it’s interiors.

Today, it has officially reopened with all three studios fully booked, and the green rooms and corridors filled with hustle and bustle once more! We have ITV, Thalia Bespoke and our production client, Media Planet, in our studios, and we can’t wait to get their feedback about the new look.

We’re pleased to announce we have full use of our on-site studios once again, for any of our future film productions, with swanky new studios, green rooms, make-up rooms and toilets.

We’re offering tours for anyone who would like to come and have a look around, so get in touch today on 0203 405 2263.

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Hayley Canning

Hayley Canning

Digital Marketing Manager

Hayley Canning is our Digital Marketing Manager. With almost 5 years of digital marketing experience, she’s the expert on getting your video seen by the right audiences online.



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