A ground-breaking blood test allowing for the detection of early stage lung cancer. The latest MRI technology helping scientists to better understand dementia of the brain. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds being given the confidence to aim as high as possible.

These are just a few of the projects to have benefitted from the University of Nottingham’s Impact Campaign.

Launched five years ago, the campaign was conceived with the aim of raising funds for the university’s various charitable causes – whether those causes be research-related or linked to student support.

Since that debut, it has proved something of a stunning success, with a total of £150 million raised so far.

All of which left Nottingham understandably eager to shout about what’s been achieved to-date.

A need was therefore identified for a new online film, showcasing the difference the campaign has made to individuals and communities alike, as well as inspiring viewers to carry on giving, allowing more to be achieved in future.

And with Spectrecom having previously worked with the university to deliver an emotive film for its 2015 graduation ceremony, we were pleased as punch to be the production company selected for this task.

Nottingham was eager to put the real-life people affected by the campaign at the heart of the new Impact film and that’s just what we did; using a cunning series of apparently seamless transitions, viewers see a host of relevant scenes inside just three minutes.

A hearty pat on the back to all the Spectrecom team involved, including director Matt O’Brien, producer Clemence Bartram and scriptwriter Dani Wilmot.

“As we extended our Impact Campaign fundraising target to £200 million, we needed a film that would celebrate the campaign’s successes so far and help us highlight the need for continued support. We wanted a creative concept that would not only connect our six featured projects, but also enable us to focus on personal stories.

“From the initial pitch to scriptwriting, storyboarding and beyond, it quickly became apparent that this was very much a shared project, with shared ambition – making the whole process extremely productive, enjoyable and rewarding.

“The team, from account management right through to post-production, was excellent – they were flexible, responded positively and proactively to feedback, always finding solutions that were both loyal to the concept and logistically workable. Our producer, Clem, did a great job at making sure we maintained an open dialogue and kept everything running smoothly and to schedule. Our director, Matt, was enthusiastic about the project from the outset, clearly engaged with our vision and remained committed to achieving the very best results from beginning to end. During filming the crew were professional, friendly and clearly very good at what they do. A big thanks to all involved for working so hard to deliver a film that we are really proud to share with our campaign supporters. 

This was the first time our department has worked with Spectrecom and, with such great results evident, I’m sure it’ll not be the last.”

Sarah Blythe, Online Communications Manager – Campaign and Alumni Relations, University of Nottingham

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Danielle Wilmot

Head of Creative

Dani is our Head of Creative. She oversees the creative team and works her magic on coming up with creative ideas and scriptwriting.



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