Our in-house filmmaker Kieran Hodges recently completed his BNUC-S qualification to fly Drones commercially in the UK and abroad. Kieran has been a ‘Spectrecom-mer’ for the past 5 years as a lighting camera operator. He started flying drones around 2 years ago on his own personal projects which fuelled his drive to gain his license.

The in-depth training involved a two-day theory course and exam at Heathrow. Following the passing of the exam, Kieran wrote an operations manual for the company outlining the operational procedures to undertake Aerial Work safely and effectively. The final steps off the process involved a Practical Examination with EuroUSC’s Paul Carr and with his approval Kieran was given the green light to undertake Aerial Work commercially.

Current Drone rules mean that you cannot use a Drone for commercial use unless you are licensed from the CAA. However, with Kieran now qualified, we are able to offer drone filming in-house for all our projects.

Kieran says, “It’s great to finally have the qualification to fly commercially.  As my main focus this year is to continue to progress in regular camera/lighting work I think having this ticket is going to really enhance the production value on projects i’m involved in and should take me to some pretty unique locations and most importantly shoot some stunning footage.”

If you would like to get a quote about using drone in your next video production, get in touch with us on 0203 405 2260 or email enquiries@spectrecom.co.uk

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Hayley Canning

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