It was just the other day we were telling you about one of the new videos created by Spectrecom Films on behalf of Newcastle University.

That video was about the experience of US students at Newcastle. Today, we’re showcasing two new films made for the same university, covering English and Combined Honours.

Newcastle is a top university for English, and the reasons come shining through in this new video.

Current students talk about their love of language and literature, and show huge enthusiasm for the passion of their tutors and the many different authors they’re exposed to as part of their studies.

A Combined Honours degree allows students to get great variety from their studies, so it makes perfect sense that the Combined Honours video we’ve produced features a wide variety of students.

Those students all have different interests, but with a unifying focus on exploring subjects which they feel will most closely inform their future careers.

Spectrecom is a market leader in UK student recruitment filmmaking. We’ve worked with more than 30 universities including Durham, Edinburgh, King’s College London, Lancaster and Sussex. Take a look at our Universities page to find out more.

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