A lot of tea gets drunk around the Spectrecom Films office. A ridiculous amount. But as we’ve learnt from our recent work with Newby Teas, there’s much more to your morning brew than meets the eye.

The new film that we’ve just produced for Newby Teas sheds a great deal of light on the origins of tea and just what a staple of civilisation it’s been over the centuries.

Guiding this journey is none other than Nirmal Sethia, the founder and chairman of Newby Teas and a gentleman with an effervescent passion for tea and tea culture.

Over the course of the film’s four minutes, Mr Sethia introduces us to the exceptional knowledge and craftsmanship that Newby brings to its tea creation processes, as well as outlining the company’s ambitious mission – to “bring the glory back to the tea trade”.

In addition to explaining what sets Newby Teas apart from its competitors, Mr Sethia also takes us into the Chitra Collection, Newby’s unique collection of almost 1,000 tea-related artefacts spanning from modern times right back to the ancient world.

All this and more appears in the film, which you can see for yourself below…

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