There are myriad awards ceremonies associated with the world of video production. But very few take place in venues as glamorous as that hosting this year’s World Tea Awards.

Set for 30 May, this year’s World Tea Awards are being hosted aboard the Queen Mary, the famous Cunard liner turned unique hotel in Long Beach, California.

The awards are part of the World Tea Expo, which is also taking place in Long Beach, and the Spectrecom Films team have an especial interest in this year’s ceremony, as a film produced by us on behalf of Newby Teas has been nominated in the Best Tea Short/Commercial category.

That film, Rediscovering the Art of Tea, offers a thoughtful, fascinating guide to tea and tea culture from no less a luminary than Nirmal Sethia, the founder and chairman of Newby Teas.

In just four minutes, the film alights upon the history of tea, as well as Newby’s painstaking approach to ensuring a superior tea-drinking experience for its customers.

We also see the Chitra Collection, an amazing treasure trove of nearly 1,000 tea-related artefacts dating from the dawn of civilisation up to the present day.

Spectrecom Films is a regular video production partner for a host of top agencies, working on projects for clients such as Kenco, BMW, The Times, Skittles and Guinness. Check out our agencies page to find out more, and to also watch our Agency Sizzle Reel.

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