Spectrecom is a video production company with beaucoup experience of filming aboard cruise ships for major travel clients including Saga and Cunard. But while silky, elegant and enticing, cruise films as a rule don’t tend to be bursting with energy… till now, that is.

Thomson Cruises is the firm which deserves the credit for trying something different, it having enlisted the services of freerunning performers 3RUN Media for its recent film, ‘Freerunning Takes to the High Seas with Thomson Platinum Cruises’ (an SEO-friendly moniker perhaps, but also slightly unwieldy).

Popularised on the big screen by Casino Royale’s opening chase sequence, freerunning essentially involves the practitioner hurtling up, over, around and beyond all obstacles they encounter any which way they can – be it via jumps, spins, flips, or other dazzling feats of dexterity.

The film resulting from the collaboration between Thomson and 3RUN features a quartet of smart-casual-attired freerunners indulging in all manner of acrobatic exploits to evade a pair of flat-footed cruise ship security guards. Set to an overly dramatic Dark Knight-style soundtrack, some of the filming has been shamelessly calibrated to show off the on-ship facilities.

It does, though, deliver some big shots to match the stunts, and Thomson should be applauded for having the courage to commit fully to the endeavour. The holiday firm’s reward has been an impressive 92,000 YouTube views in the three months since the film was launched.

As already mentioned, Spectrecom creates online videos and films for Saga, Cunard, and many other travel and holiday clients. Take a look at our Portfolio to see some of our best work.

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